Argos Unveils New Town Logo

Small towns are reinventing the United States according to sociologists, innovators, influencers and… the residents of small towns. While the results of the proclaimed reinvention of the U.S. may yet to be seen, the town of Argos, Ind., is moving forward with its own reinvention of sorts as evidenced through the town’s new logo, which was unveiled yesterday.

The result of combined efforts of Town of Argos officials, local citizens and local marketing firm Red Door Marketing, the new town logo has already energized the community.

“I am so excited about the unveiling of the new town logo,” says Jon VanDerWeele, Argos Community Development Corporation member. “Actually, it is more than a logo. It’s a symbol of the true essence of the amazing Argos community and a visual representation of the strength and connection among our families, our values and our school and park system while also offering a future vision of Argos.”

VanDerWeele says that the people of Argos are a perfect example of the connection that is emphasized in the new logo. “The definition of community is a group of people living in the same place or having particular characteristics in common. The new logo not only brings to life the hometown heart of the Argos community, it also embodies the stable and sound future the town has ahead of it.”

The design objective of the new logo was to emphasize the parks that surround the town. The town’s existing slogan – “A Town Within A Park” - plays on that theme. A key design element is the arch at the top of the logo.
According to Kerri Martin, owner of Red Door Marketing, who coordinated the logo design project “Arches are chosen for building projects because the load is distributed throughout the arch; no one section supports more than its share of the load. Before I started the design process the input I received had a common theme: Argos residents support each other.”

Other design elements include a black and gold color scheme to complement the Argos Community School Corporation’s colors and a smooth, winding path to symbolically connect Argos’ families, friends and tradition to each other and to the town’s parks.

Members of the Argos Community Development Corporation see the new logo as representative of a strong future for Argos. “No matter what season of life, Argos is an amazing town to live in. I believe the logo will not only represent the heart of the community, but it will also be just one piece of all the great things to come for Argos and its current and future residents” says ACDC member Jennifer Hutchison. Argos business owner and ACDC member Mark VanDerWeele summed up what so many residents feel about the town: “The support of this great community on all levels is what makes Argos one of the greatest places to live. It’s time to start spreading the word and our new logo is a fantastic start.”


Town of Argos - New Logo


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Press Contact:
Kerri Martin, Red Door Marketing | 574-952-3376

Date Published: 2018-09-12 13:47:00