Paving Projects to Begin September 20

Paving projects for 2017 will begin September 20th.  The streets to be paved are as follows in no particular order:

Street Name Location
Yearick St. S.R. 10 to the school
Clinton St. S.R. 10 to Weidner / S.R. 10 to Indiana Ave.
W. Williams St. Michigan St. To West St.
First St. S.R. 10 to Broadway
E. South St. Michigan to Maple / Maple to R.R. Tracks
VanVactor St. Corner to Michigan St.
Lincoln St. S.R. 10 to South St.
Freemont St. Grove St. to Maple St.
Plum St. Railroad St. to Michigan


Please be patient with the construction and plan ahead.

Date Published: 2017-09-12 14:55:00