New Housing Subdivision in Argos

Groundbreaking for New Housing Subdivision in Argos

The Town of Argos broke ground today on a new subdivision located on 21 acres on Kenilworth Road south of town. Argos has had a few new houses built in the last year, however, growing interest in additional housing is spurring the new subdivision.

The housing market is seeing an influx of families moving away from big cities to rural communities. Mandy Campbell, Argos volunteer and local realtor states “Argos is experiencing the housing upswing firsthand. Majority of new builds receive multiple offers and I currently have a waiting list of interested buyers wanting a home in Argos.”

The new Deerfield Meadows subdivision will have availability for 32 single-family houses. One of the perks of the new subdivision will be broadband fiber high-speed internet throughout the entire subdivision. “Fast and reliable internet has expanded from being a nice feature to a necessity for many homes” states Joe McCarter, President of RTC Communications Corp. “As we have seen in the last two years, remote work, online classes, and video calls to stay connected with relatives requires superior service.”

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of the term “Zoom towns” is expanding and those relocating with that frame of mind are exactly who Argos is marketing the new subdivision to.

“Although I think it’s safe to say no one wants to live through a pandemic again, one positive silver lining is people have re-examined what quality of life means to them” states Mark VanderWeele, Argos Economic Development Director. “With the ability to work remotely, employees have realized they no longer have to live close to work. They can relocate to a growing community with a top-notch school district, enjoy nature in an outstanding park system and be involved in activities that bring the community together. They can now experience the sought after work-life balance.”

Campbell adds “one common thing I hear from interested buyers is they love the activities Argos is doing and love being a part of it. Feeling connected and having positive experiences is a huge draw to buyers that bigger cities just don’t offer.”

Deerfield Meadows subdivision will be in a housing TIF District. The first of the new houses is expected to be available in Spring of 2022. Interested buyers should contact Mark VanDerWeele at [email protected].

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