Argos Wastewater Department

The Argos Wastewater Department is tasked with receiving and treating the wastewater collected from the residents and businesses located in Argos.

For utility deposits or billing questions, please contact the Clerk's office.

Contact Information

  • Jamie Lindstrom - Superintendent, ext. 250
  • Doug Middleton - Assistant Superintendent, ext. 225

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm

Phone: 574-892-5717 ext. 249

Email: [email protected]

Wastewater Tips

  • Do not put grease, pesticides, medications, or any harsh chemicals down the drain or toilet.
  • Please do not flush diapers, sanitary napkins, persona hygiene products or any other paraphernalia in the toilet.
  • If you have a sump pump, make sure that it is not attached to the sewer system.

Easy Toilet Leak Test

Shut off the water behind your toilet. Make sure there is clear water in the tank and bowl. Add food coloring into the tank. Check periodically to see if any coloring leaks into the bowl. If there is color leaking into the bowl, you have a leak. We suggest you leave it off for up to 3 hours for the test. This testing can be done as often as you like.

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