Foker Park

William L. Foker Park is located along Pond Street in Argos. It features a large pond that is popular with those who want to take their family fishing. There is a paved trail for walking and biking that encircles the pond along with a playground, pavilions, cornhole, kayaking launch, and restrooms.

Foker Park Rules

  • No weapons.
  • No tobacco and/or alcohol of any kind.
  • No ice fishing or skating.
  • No swimming, wading, or boating at any time.
  • No motorized vehicles outside of the parking lot/roadway.
  • Pets must be leashed at all times.
  • No open fires.

The Argos Department of Parks & Recreation reserves the right to prohibit any activities on park property. Remember you are sharing this park with others.

Foker Park Kayaking Rules

  • Kayaking on this pond is at your own risk.
  • WARNING: No lifeguard on duty at any time.
  • Kayakers must follow and obey all State and Federal laws.
  • No inflatable or motorized watercraft.
  • No kayaking after dusk.
  • Be respectful of those fishing (give them space).
  • Keep noise and splashing to a minimum.
  • Swimming and/or wading are prohibited.
  • Personal floatation device is required.

The Argos Department of Parks & Recreation reserves the right to prohibit kayaking at any time. Remember you are sharing this park/pond with others.

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